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Divestment Links

Medical Student Guide to Divestment

This 2015 guide to divestment for medical students and health workers explains the logic of the campaign and provides inspiration on campaign strategy and other practical resources, including sample letters, petitions and surveys. A good place to start.

The Arabella Report

This report, published in December 2016, provides an overview of current divestment commitments, currently valued at over $5tn.

BMJ Editorial

Fossil fuel companies and climate change: the case for divestment. A discussion of why share holder action isn’t working and time is running out, published in the British Medical Journal in 2015.

350.org Resources

The organisation 350.org was founded by Bill Mckibben, who seeded the fossil fuel divestment movement in response to the failure of global climate negotiations in Copenhagen in 2009. They have a host of resources, including how to start a Fossil Fuel campaign, a style guide, and a library of tools for organisers.

NB. The number 350 represents the concentration in parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere that is considered the safe threshold above which climate change is inevitable. In 2016 we exceeded 400ppm.

Carbon Brief

Carbon Brief is a UK-based website containing up-to-date information on climate change news. They also debunk climate myths in the mainstream media.

Forecasting Failure

This report, published in March 2017 by Greenpeace and Oil Change International, explains in great detail why investors should treat oil company energy forecasts with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Six Point Plan for Super Funds

This report, Managing For Fossil Fuel Risks: A 6-Point Plan for Australian Superannuation Funds from 350.org suggests a framework by which superannuation funds (i.e. pensions) can reach fund-wide divestment in five years. Useful beyond Australia.

Investor Engagement Report on Exxon Mobil

This piece of work, by the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, a non-profit which exists to mitigate the climate risk many long term investments are exposed to, examines the state of attempts to engage with Exxon Mobil as investors and shareholders, particularly with respect to their 2016 AGM.